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How to muddle when making a cocktail

Obvious to some… Details to follow for others… And link to muddler in bar tools…  [continue reading] 

Marj’s Expresso Martini

Not much to say, except YUM! But don’t drink too many if you need to be up the next morning… Vodka, Kahlúa, espresso.  [continue reading] 

Joe’s Old Fashioned

All the way from Wisconsin, Joe’ unique (and tasty!) spin on the classic. His uses bourbon, maraschino cherry, bitters, orange, sprite, and olives. Yes, olives!  [continue reading] 


Another classic — floral, refreshing, and pretty. Gin, maraschino liqueur, lemon, and crème de violette.  [continue reading] 

Paper Plane

A 2008 bourbon-based spin on the Prohibition-era classic, The Last Word. Bourbon, Amaro, Aperol, and lime  [continue reading] 

The Last Word

A Prohibition-era treat originally made at the Detroit Athletic Club. Gin, Green Chartreuse, maraschino liqueur, and lime.  [continue reading] 

Bee’s Knees

Smooth, refreshing, but not overly sweet. Honey, lemon, and honey gin from Vermont beekeepers.  [continue reading] 

Boston Shaker

The classic cocktail shaker…  [continue reading] 

Wet Shake

If your cocktail calls for a wet shake… It will be served in a chilled glass, no ice… more details soon…  [continue reading] 

Ginger Lime Side Car Cocktail

2oz darkish rum: Bully Boy Boston Rum (Bacardi Gold, Cruzan dark, Myers might be too strong, def NOT Gosling) 1oz Orange Curaçao (Gran marnier OK substitute) 3/4 oz fresh lime juice or key lime juice 1 tsp ginger, finely grated through a microplane or frozen cubes:( – These are available under Trader Joe’s labelling. This…  [continue reading] 

Classic Side Car Cocktail

2oz brandy (armagnac, cognac, etc.) 1oz orange liqueur (Curaçao, Gran Marnier, Triple Sec if you are feeling ghetto) 3/4 oz lemon juice ganish with a lemon twist.  [continue reading] 

Easy and Delicious No-Knead Homemade Bread

Delicious Homemade Bread in 3 Easy Steps

Make delicious artisanal, no-knead bread right at home with 3 easy steps and only 20 minutes of prep with this fast, easy, and very forgiving recipe. It’s some of the best bread you have ever tasted — really!  [continue reading]